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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The online business model is the strategy that a company uses to generate income with its online product or service offering. When you have to choose an online business model for your startup, there are many options to explore. To guide you, we have selected dozens of innovative business models and collaboration ideas. Browse these examples of business models in our Shopexy Platform.

What is an online business model?

If you're ready to make passive income online, then here's your chance. If you're ready to make passive income online, then you must first realize two things. The first is that the actual process behind making a passive income online is actually pretty simple. The second is that actually, to make the passive income online, you must put in some time and effort. You can't expect to just make money from not doing anything, so now that you know that let's get started.

If you are considering venturing into the world of e-commerce or are failing to make any money online, it is worth spending time posing the question, "do I have an effective ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL." So many people are sucked into the world of e-commerce with big promises of making fast cash on-demand, without paying proper attention to their business concept and their business model.

Any business, whether that be online or offline, needs to have an effective business model for it to be successful; it is the very backbone of your business. The following business model is my preferred business model that can be used across many different niches and markets online. It also works extremely well for offline ventures as well, for people who are independent contractors/self- employed.

Here are some of the important business models that you can find on the Internet:

1) PRODUCTION MODEL: It is a company that generates value by transforming a good into another for online consumption. An offline equivalent would be a gold mining company. The online equivalent can be the development of new software or research technologies or the development of online technologies that facilitate the implementation of some other ONLINE BUSINESS MODELS.

Example: 3M, Ford, General Electric

2) MERCHANT SHIPPING MODEL: It is a company that specializes in selling and arranging the delivery of goods and services in an online store. Some online examples are bookstores, food stores, catalog websites, and other organizations that sell goods and services.

Example: Auto Dealership

3) ADVERTISING MODEL: It is a company that specializes in offering advertising or promotion services to other online companies, such as companies that use the production model or the commercial model. This model charges these companies a fee for advertising the products and services offered by other ONLINE BUSINESS MODELS.

Example: CBS, Forbes, YouTube

4) AFFILIATION MODEL: This model is similar to the advertising model, but it is different because it focuses on recruiting many companies or individuals to advertise in a systematic and fragmented way. While in the advertising model, the advertiser is paid based on the amount of distributed ads, the affiliated model pays the affiliated marketer when a sale or a phase in the sales process is completed. This step can be an online visit, a request for additional information, or the actual sale.


5) BROKER MODEL: This model compensates the broker for his ability to bring buyers and sellers together, usually in the form of a personal and individual introduction. An example of this can be an online auction or an online payment processor.

Example: RoadRunner Transport System, ReMax

6) INFORMATION MODEL: The business model of information is a model in which the company provides information on a specific area or niche market. This information usually gives another company or person a simpler or more efficient method to perform a task, or perform a task, or actually teach the task.

Example: CNN, Linkedin

7) SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: This is an overlay model, usually built into one of the other models. This model offers a good or service for a long period and a guaranteed and generally constant level of that good or service for a certain period, for example, for several months. Two products that fit this subscription model can be monthly online video rental or services, such as foods or medicines that are regularly delivered through commitment.

Example: Salesforce, Netflix, Comcast

8) UTILITY MODEL: This model works in much the same way as an offline utility and offers a product that, through its use, has become a necessity and is often followed closely. An example of an online usage model is access to the internet or telephone service via an online network.

Example: Google, Microsoft, Alexa, Amazon, HP

9) COMMUNITY MODEL: It is a business model that aims to bring people or companies of the same importance together to develop relationships and share information. MySpace and the older online forum are two examples of this phenomenon.

Example: Airbnb, eBay

When you decide to do business online, it is important to determine which of these business models or ideas interests you the most. Which model are you most suitable for? In which of these business ideas are you most likely to be considered an expert, or where do you want to become an expert?

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Here is a comprehensive guide to the best online businesses to start this year.

You can think of the internet as a massive store where people can come to buy just about anything that they want. If you get a good mind of what people want, then you have access to an immense market online. There is no reason that you have to go door to door anymore, peddling your services. This is true because your target market not only hangs out offline, but most of them hang out on the internet.

These are the popular types of online business models. Start with the one that suits you and expand your business with other online business models when you are ready.

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